Plaster or wall paper?? Plaster is not only healtier but visually in a „higher league“ too by our work


Healthy living conditions by mineral plaster coating



Is inside house  plaster oldfashioned?


White painted plastic-, fiber glass- or woolchip wall papers have conquered our inhouse walls. This is boring and unhealthy.


All peoples who want to live more beautiful today have to consider paster work.

The finest and most modern surfaces of walls are plastered and not papered. Quite smooth and find structured surfaces create a pleasant atmosphere and stand out from wall papers in a pleasant manner. Well done mineral plaser work has beside of an excellent look a lot more to offer.


Plaster acts like a passive air condition. It absorbs humidity and slowly release it later .  In addition, mold has no chance to appear as the fungus does not like alkaline plaster base.


This means for you as customer a maximum security, when you attach importance to an healthy indoor air as well as an high comfort. Especially for peoples with allergies or even babies which stay most of the day inside, an healthy and clean air is very important.



Make an appointment in our showroom. Until now all customers were impressed of the versability and appearance of our plaster surfaces.